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How often and how long would I need to see you?

I usually ask that clients come once a week at the same time and on the same day each week. It helps with routine. The length of time will very much depend on your own particular issues. However on most cases I would recommend a minimum 12 weeks. But will work with you at your own speed. It is important that each issue is dealt with properly.


Can I try a few sessions without a long term commitment

Our initial contract is usually for 4 paid sessions. These sessions are the mutual assessment period for us both to see if things are going in the direction we want.


Whether counselling sessions with me are benefiting you. At session number 4 we can agree to continue for a further number of sessions or over a period of time, which can be mutually agreed.


What sort of therapy do you offer?

I am an integrative counsellor which means that I integrate theory from different psychotherapeutic theoretical models. The models I use are; TA (Transactional Analysis) CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Analysis) & Relational (which uses the Therapeutic Relationship)  

Bespoke counselling solutions that facilitate self-awareness and emotional healing.


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What usually happens in a therapy session?

Usually you are encouraged to talk about anything that is on your mind and anything that can be a suitable subject for discussion in the consulting room. Sometimes, with certain issues and in certain circumstances set the agenda for what we will discuss over the coming weeks. But usually it is the client who is encouraged to just start talking.


It is a place where you can discuss your worries and fears and enable you to explore the options you want to pursue. It will enable you to access the support you need to allow you to make the changes which can at times be challenging, but will bring a new and positive way of thinking and allow you to deal with the problems you face with a renewed optimism.


Can I arrange therapy for someone else?

There are times when we feel we want to help a friend, partner, husband, wife or our children or even other family members to deal with their problems. Whilst it is often done out of a sense of love and devotion or friendship. However in my experience, for therapy to work effectively and have a chance of long-term success, it is best for the person who needs the help to be motivated to seek it. It would be better to offer support and guidance.


What else should I know?

Therapy isn’t a magic formula, for it to truly work, it requires investing time and a commitment in yourself, working hard, a willingness to open up on subjects that may be painful and not to be embarrassed about what you may be feeling. Like many things in life, success and effectiveness are often proportionate to the willingness and desire to invest time and effort into what you want to achieve.      

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